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6 Summer Must-Haves For Your Yard To Get The Party Started

Hooray! The weather is warm, beautiful, and summer breaks are almost here. After being cooped up indoors all winter, summer brings you plenty of reasons to get outdoors, quit lazing around, and bounce back to activity. This means it’s time to spruce up...

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Grilling Tips

It's summer, folks! The perfect time to invite your friends and family for a delicious get-together in your backyard. Every party begins with firing up the grill and gathering around it to enjoy mouth-watering food and warm summer evenings.However, to make...

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Outdoor Cleaning Tips

As we enter the hot months of summer, we can easily predict the possibility of barbeques, outdoor parties, and bonfires. This makes it crucial for us to give our outdoors a quick facelift and make it more welcoming for guests.If you are planning to host an...

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Gardening Tips For Beginners

There is absolutely nothing that tastes better than food made from garden-fresh vegetables. Perhaps, this is the reason why many people take up urban gardening as a hobby, only to discontinue after sometime due to lack of success.The truth is - it's...

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Come To McLean Hardware To Prepare For Spring Projects!

Spring is finally close and ready to brighten up your surroundings! It’s time to finish all the pending chores and get your home prepared for the upcoming warmer months. This includes a lot of things such as sprucing up your lawn and deep cleaning the...

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How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

It is quite common for water pipes to freeze in winter. Since most water pipes are in your basement and crawl spaces, where heat hardly reaches, they need extra care to prevent freezing. The idea is to keep them warm enough to stay above the freezing...

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How To Conserve Heat In Your Home

Everyone wants a warm and comfortable home in winter. However, you don't have to go broke for it! As a homeowner, there must have been times when you raised your eyebrows on the high heating bills, wondering exactly what you could have done to avoid it. It is no...

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Using Krylon Craft Paints For Holiday Decorations

Planning to change the look of your home without emptying your pockets? How about going for DIY decorations this year? It will not only make your home look festive, but will also relieve you from the burden of over-spending.If you’re looking for fun,...

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Aerating and Fertilizing your Lawn in Fall

The secret to a beautiful lawn is to get it aerated and fertilized regularly. Grass can become compacted, or have a dense thatch layer on it that inhibit air, water, and nutrients from getting to the roots. Getting your lawn aerated allows for the needed...

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Getting your Home Ready for Fall

Do you feel that your home's maintenance routine should start over once fall hits? Many people feel this way and believe it because fall is the perfect season it's not too hot or too cold outside to complete your home maintenance tasks. If you're looking...

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