Planning to change the look of your home without emptying your pockets? How about going for DIY decorations this year? It will not only make your home look festive, but will also relieve you from the burden of over-spending.

If you’re looking for fun, crafty and creative ideas to decorate your home this holiday season, consider using spray paint. Spray paints are easily accessible and add a distinctive finish to just about anything.

So, gather your old ornaments and discarded everyday items, and create something unique out of them! To help you further, here are a few DIY spray painting tips and ideas that you can use to decorate your home!

How To Spray Paint An Object

1) Buy The Right Paint

Using the right paint is essential to get the desired results. Depending on whether you are working inside or outside, you can choose your paint materials. If you need colors for decorations that are going to be put outside, use Krylon colors. They are readily available, last long and are made up of non-toxic materials. You can immediately start painting without using a primer.

2) Pick Your Holiday Decorations

Collect all the items that you wish to paint. It can be anything, from old ornaments to pinecones to lamps and candlesticks. You can use old discarded window panes as well for a hanging decoration.

3) Prepare For Painting

Remember, it will get messy. So, find a nice, open space before you start working. Also, make sure that the room is adequately ventilated. Fumes from the spray paint can be very potent in an enclosed area. Cover the floor with plastic sheets or drop cloths. Properly clean and repair items before painting.

4) Spray Paint Them

Start painting the pieces. If you are not using a primer, then it is better to apply several coats of color to get the perfect finish. For best results, put the second coat within an hour of applying the first layer. Also, make sure to wear the safety glasses and gloves before you start painting to avoid getting anything in your eyes or staining your hands!

Some Holiday Decoration Painting Ideas

1) An Advent Calendar

Purchase 25 white mini take-out boxes and create an advent calendar for the holiday season. You can personalize them by using spray paint, glitter, and construction paper. Fill them with treats, small gifts, and cute messages.

2) An Upholstered Banner

An upholstered banner stating ‘Merry Christmas’ will add an element of simplicity and elegance to your holiday decoration. Use Krylon spray paints that can be used on fabric and clothing. You can swap out the letters to craft more banners for other occasions.

3) A Unique Wreath

Don’t go for the usual evergreen wreaths that you use every year. Instead, create your own by using a ceiling medallion and glossy spray paints. Buy a simple ceiling medallion from any local store and paint it in green color. Give the final touch up with a colorful holiday ribbon.

4) Colorful Ornaments

Gather your old Christmas ornaments and figurines and color them new. Use a mixture of silver, blue and gold hues for an exciting twist on the traditional red and green. You can also use chalkboard paint to write unique messages on them.

5) Rustic Candlesticks

Candlesticks may seem old school, but it can add a distinguished touch to your holiday decoration. Paint your wooden candle holders in metallic hues and adorn them with golden leaves for a rustic look.

This holiday season, unleash your creativity and create cool decorations using different paint colors! Visit our hardware store to purchase a variety of Krylon paints and other decorative items. Contact us at 703-356-5496 to know more!