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Spring Lawn and Garden Essentials

Much like a decent spring cleaning after a long winter can help spruce up your home, adopting a comparable strategy to your yard will assist you with getting it fit as a fiddle for the hotter months. Once the ice and snow are gone, it tends to be a bit...

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Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle In March

March is a month that observers the transition of one season into another. For the most part, in Virginia, this implies crazy rain and wind. Wind and rainfall also imply that you better ensure your home is prepared to withstand that weather. You should...

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Snow Removal and Home Lighting Ideas

What do you do when the weather outside is frightening, and you still need to go out and get to work, school, or shopping? Snow and ice removal is a major hassle in the winter season. But before you shell out a lot of cash to a professional snow removal...

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Have A Safe Winter Season

When winter hits and cold temperatures sweep in, it is better to plan ahead to stay safe and healthy. We have some simple tips for you to have a safe winter season. Follow these tips and you will be able to face almost any weather that is sent your...

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Holiday Shopping At McLean Hardware

The holiday season is approaching fast! It’s the perfect time for everyone to shop around for household items and accessories to decorate their houses. Many people believe that to celebrate the holidays well, one needs to spend money extravagantly. We...

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How To Prepare Your Home For Cold Weather

Extreme cold weather can be hard for both you and your pets. While you may already have started making winter provisions for your family and your furry companions, it is also essential to get your home ready for the harsh weather. Here are some tips on how you can...

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Fall Cleanup Checklist For Your Lawn Or Garden

Winter is just around the corner! This means fall is the perfect time to complete essential garden maintenance chores so that your green space is ready for the colder weather. Here are a few essential tasks to get you started!1. First Things First, Tidy Up...

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Tips To Pack Your Cooler The Right Way

Show this blog at the register and receive 10% off Coolers and Ice PacksAre you planning a fun picnic or a camping trip soon? Or are you looking forward to hitting the road to an adventure or a tailgate party this fall? Get your cooler organized to ensure...

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Watering Tips And Supplies

Those who are into gardening know how important it is to water plants properly. Although it may seem like the easiest task of all, watering a plant does require dedication and commitment as well as observational skills on the gardener's part.A person who...

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