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Are you planning a fun picnic or a camping trip soon? Or are you looking forward to hitting the road to an adventure or a tailgate party this fall? Get your cooler organized to ensure that your get-together or tailgate is utterly delicious!

Check out these handy rules on how to prepare your cooler to keep your goodies cool and fresh on your next outdoor spree!

Do The Prep Work

Planning your meals can save you a lot of stress during the trip! When preparing your food items, it is smart to pack lunches in small quantities. Also, keep a check on storing more food than required. If you are unsure how much to pack, the best way is to pack more non-perishable foods and snacks instead of food that may get spoiled!

Cool Everything Beforehand

Whether you prepare your juices and smoothies or buy drinks from the store, freeze your drinks overnight. Likewise, put your BBQ items such as steaks and chicken and other perishable foods in your freezer for a day before you finally pack your cooler. It’s an easy and money-saving way to keep things fresh throughout your trip!

Choose Ice Cubes Over Ice Blocks

Small ice cubes are the best choice for coolers as they are easier to fill around your odd-shaped food containers and drinkables. However, you can consider carrying a large block of ice separately to chip off ice cubes to replenish your cooler, as and when required during long excursions. 

Pack In Layers

The order in which you put food items in the cooler is essential, so give it some thought! Always start with placing a layer of ice at the bottom. Then, put your supplies according to their level of perishability. Put the most perishable supplies such as raw meat and dairy products at the bottom and work your way upwards with items that are of less concern.
If your trip is going to last several days, stack your food items in the order of your meal plan. Place your last day’s meal at the bottom and work your way up so that you don’t have to rummage your cooler every time you prepare a meal! 

Always create separate sections for raw foods, fruits, and veggies according to meal categories. Also, set a distinct area for grab-and-go snacks as well as beverages, which must always be stacked upright.

Add Extra Insulation

During hot days or when you can’t find a suitably shaded place for your cooler, adding extra insulation can prolong your cooler’s efficiency! Tricks such as laying a wet towel on top or inserting reflective paneling and sleeping pads in between the items will restrict air circulation, slowing down the melting!

Use A Separate Cooler For Drinks

If you are packing for more people or a considerably long journey, it makes sense to use a separate cooler for your drinks. You and your fellow campers may reach out to the cooler time and again for hydration, mainly when you are out on a scorching day. Besides, frequently opening your cooler accelerates the thawing speed, putting your food items in peril. 

Selecting The Right Cooler – Orca And Rubbermaid

Orca coolers come with exceptional style and functional features, making them a preferred choice of the most discerning travelers. Famous for their trendy designs and sturdy building, Orca coolers are tough enough to get along with you even on the most adventurous trips. 

In addition to the hard-sided coolers, it also offers a line of soft-sided backpack style coolers, also known as Pods and Podsters. They are ideal for road trips, beach visits, and short hikes.

Rubbermaid’s coolers are specially designed to handle tough travel situations and extreme environments. They come with super thick insulation that can prevent ice from thawing for up to 5 days. The side swing handles and wheels make these coolers seamlessly easy to maneuver in hilly areas and sandy beaches. The Rubbermaid coolers don’t require much effort to clean. Also, its hinged, split lid allows you to take any item out without letting the cold air escape outside!

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