From fix-it tasks to holiday must-haves shopping checklist, prepping your home for the winter holidays is a lot of work. Here is a list of key tasks that you must complete before the holiday season begins:

Clean Your Rugs And Carpets

Holiday season means entertaining more guests and visitors as well as hosting parties! Amidst the entire holiday hustle-bustle, your rugs and carpets will get dirty quickly (from the increased foot traffic and spills). It can be hard to find time to clean your carpets and rugs yourself. Also, sending them out to professional cleaners frequently can leave a hole in your pocket.
To meet these seasonal cleaning needs, renting Rug Doctor is your best choice. McLean Hardware offers flexible and affordable rental programs to make your carpet cleaning task flexible and easy, both on your hands and your pocket. Rent your unit now to welcome holidays with spick-and-span carpeting!

Get Your Kitchen Knives Sharpened

When getting your kitchen ready for holiday cooking, make it a point to check if any of your knives are dull and need sharpening. Although using sharp knives is important all year round, they are an absolute-must for holidays as you’ll be cutting, chopping, and slicing more. Aside from making your life easy in the kitchen, sharpened knives are safer to use than the dull ones as the latter requires you to exert more force when cutting, making you vulnerable to injuries. If you want your knives to be sharpened correctly by a professional, visit our store!

Add Joy And Fragrance To Your Decor With Candles

Candles are an easy and economical way to add festive cheer to your home’s décor! Place them massed together on the mantle or in a tray, or light-up one at every corner of the room – there are many ways of creating a beautiful display of candles! If candles and other accessories are on your shopping list this season, swing by our hardware store in McLean, Virginia. We can help you select from a wide variety of scented colonial candles, tapers, and pillars, as well as fancy votives for your home!

Get Your Windows And Screen Repaired

Having your broken windows and cracked screen fixed by McLean Hardware is both easy and inexpensive. Damaged windows can be a safety hazard and a great inconvenience, particularly during winter. Whether you have a broken window due to a snowstorm or a chipped screen due to your notorious pets or kids, count on our professional repair and restoration services to help you in all seasons!

Buy New Cookware Sets And Bakeware

Preparing lavish dinners for big gatherings around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year involves a lot of cooking and baking! For this reason, you may want to reconsider whether you are well stocked. It is possible that you may fall short of pots or may feel the need for a certain type of pan! McLean Hardware can help you select well-constructed cookware, bakeware, and the associated tools to ensure that your cooking goes smoothly.

Buy Excellent Last-Minute Gifts

You don’t need a smart trick to buy a unique, last-minute present, just a visit to McLean Hardware will do the trick! Our store managers can help you browse our gift collection and can help you select a thoughtful present for everyone on your list at a great price. Trust us to make your eleventh-hour shopping spree a success!

McLean Hardware Co Inc welcomes you to bring your shopping list at our hardware store and grab discounted deals on your purchases. Call us at 703-356-5496 if you wish to enquire about our product range or are looking for a particular item!