Hooray! The weather is warm, beautiful, and summer breaks are almost here. After being cooped up indoors all winter, summer brings you plenty of reasons to get outdoors, quit lazing around, and bounce back to activity. This means it’s time to spruce up your backyard and create an ideal summer getaway for your friends and family just outside your home!

You don’t have to sweat about planning that ultimate outdoor family gathering or summer party. Just don’t forget to consider adding these must-haves to your mix before you ring up your friends or family and invite them over. Here is a round-up of a few available accessories to set your yard up for the summer fun!

The Right Gardening Tools

Even your daily gardening tasks require the right tools to finish the job perfectly! From mowing and fertilizing to regular cleanup and more, you must have everything in your gardening arsenal to keep your yard looking perfect. Go for the ones that are crafted using natural materials and are easily maneuverable. They shouldn’t have toxic paints or dangerous finishes! With such safe and advanced tools, even your children won’t hesitate to get their hands dirty while learning some exciting gardening skills!

Summer Games

From play tents and trampolines to archery sets to inflatable pools and pool toys, expand your selection of summer games and get ready to have the best time ever with your family! There are some interesting toys and other essentials in the hardware stores to keep even the little ones safely and thoroughly amused. Using circular stencils and spray paint, you can create a real game of twister or any other game in your lawn to play with your group.

Sounds fun, right?

A Backyard BBQ

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in the thrill of outdoor grilling? A perfect barbeque party means delicious, nicely-grilled pieces of meat served with refreshing iced drinks. So put on your apron and chef hat and get your grill and other accessories ready! If you need a new grill or don’t have all the right equipment, take the help of your trusted hardware dealer like McLean Hardware in Virginia to find all the right grilling gear!

A Fire Pit

Summer nights are best spent all cozied up by the fire, celebrating the simple pleasures of life! And you don’t have to go any farther than your backyard for the best campfire nights. Your backyard’s fire pit is the perfect hotspot where you can raise memorable toasts while roasting marshmallows to a spectacular golden brown. Skip the microwave this summer and add a fire pit to your backyard to get the party started!

Lighting Systems

Jazz up your outdoor space with creative lighting ideas! Solar lights or lanterns, citronella candles, and tiki torches are the best choices when it comes to adding some fun elements to your outdoor décor! These lighting products are available in unique styles and sizes and can help you give a festive vibe to any nighttime fiestas.

Powerful Bug Repellents

Don’t let bugs and mosquitos trouble you in your outdoor summer fun! These tiny party spoilers can get attracted to your party and leave you with itchy bumps and disease-causing bacteria. Thankfully, you can deter these notorious bugs from targeting your party with powerful repellents such as Everguard Repellents available at McLean Hardware!

Are there any other items you consider absolute musts for your yard? We have it all at McLean Hardware! Visit us at Chain Bridge Road, Virginia to stock up on all the summertime yard essentials at highly competitive prices. If you have any questions about our products or services, call us at 703-356-5496 immediately.