Spring is finally close and ready to brighten up your surroundings! It’s time to finish all the pending chores and get your home prepared for the upcoming warmer months. This includes a lot of things such as sprucing up your lawn and deep cleaning the interior. As overwhelming as it may sound, spring projects are not that hard to take care of, given that you know how to plan them properly.

Before you get started on your next spring project, make sure to have the equipment ready with you. You can visit McLean Hardware store to get the necessary tools and supplies at very affordable prices. Here’s what all we can help you with!


Spring is the perfect time to undertake all of your landscaping projects. Many of you may have already started planning for your next project. However, before you start planting flowers in your garden and watering your lawn, ensure that all your tools are in the right shape. At McLean Hardware, you can get all the landscape and lawn care products and equipment to make sure your home is ready for the spring!

1) Lawn And Garden Accessories

You can start with inspecting your lawn equipment such as garden hoses and sprinklers. Check if they are functioning correctly or need to be replaced. If you have downed trees, you will need a chipper to turn all the debris into mulch. At our store, we have everything you need, including lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, sprinklers, hoses, garden chippers, chainsaws, tree trimmers, and more. We will even sharpen the blades of your chainsaws and lawnmowers for you!

2) Fertilizers, Insecticides, And Grass Seeds

It is not easy to plant vegetables and flowers in a garden. You may need to spend days to prepare the soil and get things ready for planting. This process becomes even more tedious when you don’t know what kind of products you should use. Our experts at McLean Hardware are knowledgeable and can provide you with the right guidance on products and tools. Visit us for gardening items like fertilizers, insecticides, grass seeds, mulch, herbicides, rodenticides, and soil. We also sell spring flower bulbs of various kinds, including dahlia and gladiolus bulbs.

Home Makeover

This spring, give your home an astounding makeover with our Valspar paint supplies! First clean your deck, patio, and driveways to wash away all the dirt and grime. After that, re-paint the sidings or fences to give the area an entirely new look. We offer a variety of high-quality paint colors and materials at our store. If you are planning to paint the interior as well, try our sample cans to choose different colors for all the rooms.

Home Maintenance

It is not uncommon for houses to suffer wear and tear due to harsh winter weather. That’s why it is your job to ensure that all the cracks and leaks have been adequately patched up once the cold weather ends. Walk around the house and examine it. If you see cracking caulk or weather stripping, replace it immediately. We stock a wide variety of everyday tools and specialty tools for you, including drywall supplies, nails, screws, hand tools, power tools, construction tools and supplies, doorknobs, and much more!

Clean Up

Before you start your spring project, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the house. Clean off the windows, ceiling fans, and fireplaces. Also, test the emergency systems in your home. Declutter the kitchen and discard the old items that you won’t need anymore. You can come to us to purchase various household products like kitchen gadgets, grills, as well as all kinds of plumbing and electrical supplies.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit McLean Hardware today and get everything you need to prepare for your next spring projects! For any inquiries, call us at 703-356-5496.