There is absolutely nothing that tastes better than food made from garden-fresh vegetables. Perhaps, this is the reason why many people take up urban gardening as a hobby, only to discontinue after sometime due to lack of success.

The truth is – it’s inevitable that you’ll make mistakes. It’s natural; especially when you are new to gardening. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfill your dream of having your own little garden in your backyard. The key here is to understand the science behind it while improving your techniques along the way.

If you are new to gardening and are confused about how to start, here are a few helpful tips for you to arm yourself with the basics!

The Do’s Of Gardening

1) Choose The Right Location

Not everything grows everywhere. That’s why it is important to understand the characteristics of your garden and climate before planting seeds. Choose a location that receives the appropriate amount of sunlight and rain. Also, make sure that your garden is within your line of sight on a daily basis. That way you will be able to take care of it properly!

2) Test The Soil

Use nice loamy soil in your garden, as plant roots penetrate soft soil easily. Add compost and fertilizer to enrich it with all the needed nutrients. Don’t forget to check the amount of moisture from time to time. You can visit our store to purchase top-quality fertilizers for your garden.

3) Pick The Best Planting Time

Know the right time to plant the seeds. Depending on the season and the weather conditions outside, you can opt for certain plants and leave others for later. You can learn about the right planting dates by checking the seed packet.

4) Start With Easy Plants

Choose your plants carefully. It is a good idea to start with easy options like vegetables that do not need a lot of attention and care. Sunflowers and easy-to-grow ferns are other plants that you can go for as a newbie gardener!

5) Know Your Plants

Learn everything about your plants before starting the gardening process. This includes knowing how long they will grow or how much space they will need. Use this information to establish a proper gardening routine, and choose the right products. Keep a journal handy to track your plants’ growth.

6) Water Plants Deeply

Water your plants regularly but in a proper amount. Keep in mind that newer plants will need to be watered more frequently since their root systems are underdeveloped. Another trick is to water them early in the morning before it gets too warm.

7) Avoid Overcrowding The Plants

Buy plants according to the size of your bed. Remember, crowded plants are more susceptible to diseases, so don’t go overboard with them. Make sure to keep adequate distance between the young plants to provide them with the needed space to grow.

8) Have Fun With It

Gardening is a stress relieving activity. However, it demands your patience and attention regularly. Imagine the big picture of your garden and plant accordingly. Give yourself enough room to experiment and try new things. Use a new fertilizer, move a plant to a new location, or make changes in the routine. Keep exploring to see what gives you the best results!

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