As we enter the hot months of summer, we can easily predict the possibility of barbeques, outdoor parties, and bonfires. This makes it crucial for us to give our outdoors a quick facelift and make it more welcoming for guests.

If you are planning to host an outdoor party anytime soon, make sure to clean your garden, lawn, or backyard thoroughly to bring back its lost shine. Here are some handy outdoor cleaning tips that you must follow to keep your outdoors clean and green this summer.

The Deep Clean

● Start with pressure washing the outdoors. Make sure that you have decluttered your pathway, fences, deck, patio, or porch for a thorough cleaning.
● Next step is window cleaning. Vacuum the window screens and wipe down the window sills to ensure that they are free of dust and dirt.
● Make sure to wash all the doors and windows with a glass cleaner. Our experts suggest using 30 Second Cleaner, as its Sodium Hypochlorite based solution is very useful in removing dirt from outdoor surfaces.
● Throw the garbage away. Use a nozzle to wash out all the garbage containers and recycling bins.
● Make sure to remove any broken furniture or accessories that are spoiling the look of your exterior.
● Remove any dead plants from your garden, and make sure that the flower beds are in good shape.
● If your wall paint has started chipping off, renew its look by applying a fresh coat of paint.

The Regular Clean

● Throw the garbage away every day. After that, clean the cans and return them to their proper place.
● Make sure to do the vacuuming regularly and dusting at least once in two days.
● Water the plants frequently to keep them from dying. Also, remove any dead plants that are taking space in your garden.
● If you have small children, ask them to put their toys and sports equipment away every night.
● If you have old, rusty bolts and nuts sitting around in your garage, give them a makeover by putting them in a glass jar and filling it with undiluted vinegar. Leave them overnight, and they will regain their original look.

The Quick Clean

● Keep your front porch, walkway, and steps clean with a broom every day (or whenever you see dirt accumulating).
● Dust the outdoor welcome mat along with window draperies and curtains.
● Keep the furniture, nameplate, and mailbox shining by wiping them off with a clean cloth every day.
● Run a duster over the windowsills to stop dirt from getting collected.
● Pick fresh flowers from the garden and add them to your front porch to give it a neat appearance.

At McLean Hardware Co Inc., we help you keep your outdoors clean with a range of tools and products. You can find all kind of tools at our store, including brooms, paint supplies, lawn and garden tools, power tools, hand cleaners, Miele vacuums, and more.

We also keep light and heavy outdoor cleaning solutions with us, such as 30 Second Cleaner and Scott’s Outdoor Cleaning. Our experts recommend both these products and offer a better clean than many other cleaning products. For more information or queries regarding our outdoor cleaning products, call us at 703-356-5496.