When it comes to summer traditions, is there anything better than sitting in the backyard among family and friends while delicious meats and veggies cook on the grill?

If you’re the type of person that loves to grill and partake in the delicious food that comes off the grill, do we have a treat for you! We offer quality grills at affordable prices with Weber gas or charcoal grills!

If you’re not sold on why these grills are kings in the grilling world, take a look at these benefits:

Weber Charcoal Grills

When you think of grilling, do you think of charcoal grilling? Charcoal grills are the most common outdoor grills because they are affordable and they get the job done. Weber charcoal grills enrich the flavor of food with rich, barbecue taste.

Weber charcoal grills are perfect for nights camping out under the stars, serving hotdogs while tailgating or simply entertaining in your backyard. These charcoal grills are an easy, ideal way to serve up the chargrilled flavor.

Weber Gas Grills

If you have a larger volume of food to be grilled, a Weber gas grill is probably a better option for you. Gas grills are also a great option for any grill enthusiast because they heat up quickly, can be operated easily, and require minimal cleanup.

Not only do these grills heat up quickly and are easy to use, but you get a more even cooking experience throughout. For example, the typical gas grill will reach temperatures between 400 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, temperature control knobs allow you to regulate heat more precisely. You can create different heat zones for searing, cooking or warming foods on the grill.

Kamado Joe

Maybe you’re still not sold on the Weber Grill options because you’re looking for something more heavy duty to lock in the flavor of the meats you want for your barbeque. Look no further than the Kamado Joe.

The kamado is a thick-walled cooker that imparts rich, smoky flavor to meats, fish, and vegetables. Relatively unchanged for centuries, airflows through the grill’s ceramic body and out its vented dome, chunk charcoal comes to life as smoke and heat.

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